Wood Working

Plinko Board

I thought a fun project would be to make a plinko board. I designed it to be made with one quarter sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and some dowels.

Following my amateur blueprints, I cut all my pieces to size and drilled all the very many holes for the dowels. I then glued up the slots and angle pieces. 

After this I built the border for the board with some scrap I had lying around. I made a tweak from the original plans I had and instead of just butting the borders up against the board, I cut a slot out of one of the corner of the border pieces and had those overlay the slots and angle pieces. I thought it gave it a better aesthetic.

After this I sanded all the dowels with the help of my kids. I then glued all the dowels in place and the board was pretty much finished. I haven't put any paint or anything on it yet, but for now it works.